Metro Car Co.

556 Robbins Dr.
Troy, MI 48083


Dean K

My wife and I found a car through CarFax that we thought looked great and after dealing with Metro Car Co., we would definitely do it again. I got to deal with Rob and he was very accommodating and upfront when answering any of our questions. Everything felt very laid back and no pressuring to get us to buy the car. They let us look at the vehicle and take it out for a test drive on our own and we fell in love with the car. When we told Rob we liked the car he again reassured us that we could take it to a mechanic or even take it home for a bit to try it out and see how it fit into our lifestyle. My wife and I were very pleased with the whole experience and we did end up purchasing the car. If your looking for a great used car, then Metro Car Co. is definitely the place you should go or at least check out.

Robert Phillips

Very relaxed, no pressure dealership. The vehicle was ready for test drive when we arrived and the vehicle was 100% as it was advertised.
The sales team were very knowledgeable and the transaction was completed in a minimal amount of time. Everything from the agreement on final sale price to the installation of the license plate on the vehicle went better than expected.
I strongly recommend this dealership for your next used car purchase.

Reverend Bear

Great place to deal with. Best Dealership experience I've ever had. Thank you Rob. I will recommend Metro Car Co. To all my friends. Look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Shaun R

Hands down the BEST DEALERSHIP!! Rob made buying a car a great experience, no pressure, no gimmicks! Just honest, straight forward and happy to serve place.


We didn't end up buying at this dealership because it was too far away and we found the truck we were looking for at a closer dealership. Ed was helpful in our quest for the right truck. I get the sense that we would have had a positive transaction had we decided to go to Metro Car Company. They answered several questions and offered good customer service regardless.


Excellent. Mr. Denby was very professional. Respectful. Accommodating. I felt like he was a friend. Showed me the car I was interested in. Had a nice test drive. Near closing time, Ed said take your time, enjoy your ride I,ll stay open until you return. Car was beautiful inside and out. I have been to a number of dealers, looked at a number of cars. This is the best. I am considering buying this car from Metro due to all of the above service from from Mr. Denby including his follow up call. Thank you Ed. Armen Metro has great looking cars


Had a great experience, loved the car, fair pricing. Great customer service and these guys have other very good used cars. I would highly recommend Metro Car Company. I purchased the car and am very pleased with it.


Very good people.


Awesome dealership with great cars and excellent service. I bought my truck from them and couldn't be happier. My wife was at home sick so, instead of me having to get her out of bed to come get our jeep, they drove it 25 minutes to our house for us. I definitely recommend Metro Car Company to everyone.


I came up from TX & used CarGurus to line up about 7 trucks I wanted to see in Metro Detroit on the only day I was available - the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I needed to find & drive away with a vehicle that day. Rob was quick with his response, & the truck I wanted to see was ready to go when I arrived. The listing was spot on - this vehicle had everything I was looking for, & measured up to the pics & description in the listing. I had driven 3 vehicles prior to the one at Metro Car Co, & left to see 3 others. There was one other that actually seemed to be a better vehicle (about $2K less, fewer miles, & had a bed cover), but overall, Rob & Metro Car Co were the folks I wanted to buy from. Their shop/office & staff is modern, professional, & clean from top to bottom. Being from out of state, Rob even helped with navigating Michigan insurance. I've been driving my new truck for about 5 weeks & feel I got a great vehicle, at a great price from a great dealer. Highly recommend!


Quick response. Very helpful in trying to locate right fit for vehicle.


They responded quickly and we're very informative..

Patricia Martin

Ed was very helpful and great to work with.

J LouiEE

Rob was great help and sold me a beautiful 335i, loved the customer service and would recommend this dealer to anyone!

Kyle Baxter

This dealership is awesome and so are the guys that run it. The vehicles are emaculant and priced very well. My wife and I love our new truck.

Ben Kellam

I dealt with Rob when looking for cars here. He was very helpful and honest. They aren't trying to hide anything here. Make sure you are asking the right questions but they will let you know anything you need to know. Very good communication as well. Very pleased and would recommend.

Jan Bills

Buying a used vehicle can be stressful. HOWEVER, working with Ed, Rob + Josh was the best experience I have ever had. I bought an excellent work truck + the customer service was superb. I highly recommend Metro Car Company. From start to finish, they are the best!

Andrew Stine

I visited this dealership to look at a vehicle, even though I didn’t end up buying said vehicle, I must say this dealership isn’t like the rest. Everyone I delt with was very personable and open about everything when it came to the car I was looking at. Very low stress and no pressure whatsoever. If you are looking for a used car and don’t want to deal with the usual used car salesmen, I would highly recommend giving Metro Cars a visit.

Marco Kotonski

Great sales stuff, especially Rob. Totally honest guy. Took really good care of us and our needs. Even easy to work with price wise. I sure love the truck I bought from Metro Car Co.
Overall best car buying experience ever.

Sarah Reynolds

I just went to Metro Car Co today to check out a car I was interested in (I haven't bought it yet, but as long as it checks out with my mechanic, I will). Bit I really want to commend Rob (the sales manager) on his wonderful customer service and the way he runs his business! He was very nice and very much down-to-earth (definitely not like most other used car salespeople). He is straight-up with the facts about the cars, he doesn't hide anything, even gives you his opinion on what you might NOT want to buy from them, like if it doesn't really fit you parameters. He is also funny, and I even got into a conversation with him about similar events that are or have been going on in our families. When I asked if I could take the car to my mechanic, he said absolutely, that he highly recommends people do that. I told him I wasn't sure if my mechanic would be able to check it out tomorrow (Tuesday), and he said that was no problem and that I could take it for a few days if necessary (just not, like, a week, ya know). He's very understanding and, like I said, very down-to-earth. So far, it's been a great pleasure doing business with him. He has made me feel at ease about the whole thing.

Anyway, even though I haven't completed my (probable/possible) car-buying experience with him yet, I can tell you that this guy gets two thumbs way up!

(If something changes and he suddenly becomes a scheming jerk, I'll be sure to update this, haha, but I don't see that happening!)

Jon Paul Kraft Goltz

I bought a vehicle from Metro Car Co. and they were very accommodating. They have a beautiful showroom and all of their vehicles are kept indoors. I would absolutely purchase another car from them in the future, no questions asked. This is not a used car dealer that’s going to try and pull a fast one on you. In the rare event that you happen to find something mechanically wrong with the car they will fix it for you or make it right when it comes to the price of the vehicle. In the end, they will be 100% upfront and honest with you about everything and will not sell you a vehicle that is not road worthy. Metro Car Co. cares about their customers and they go out of their way to make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. If you’re looking to buy a used vehicle, shop at Metro Car Co. with confidence! You’ll be very well taken care of.